Organised by Lukenya University | 26th March 2023 | Mtito Andei, Makueni County

Lukenya University is a fully chartered not for Profit institution located in rural Makueni -County at Mtito Andei next to Tsavo East national Park . We are a fully residential university offering high quality education to a wide array of leaners from Kenya and East Africa .

The Lukenya University has set out to plant 1 million tree seedlings in the next 5 years in the Mtito Andei /Kibwezi East Constituency area. Tree planting in ASAL areas represents one of the ways to mitigate climate change and improve resilience. Lukenya University aims to Plant (“One Million “) Dry -land indigenous trees that are well adapted to the Makueni climate and weather patterns. To achieve this, we are working closely with the Kenya Forestry Research Institute. We intend to grow 200,000 indigenous trees in year one.

The desired outcomes: –

  • Community sensitization on the importance of different trees to the ecosystem.
  • To educate the community on the best tree species that perform well in arid and semi-arid areas.
  •  Restore depleted and lost habitats for various species since the university is situated near several national parks (Tsavo Ecosystem and Chyulu hills).
  • Healthier soils and natural humidity control in the area.
  • Improve the livelihoods of surrounding communities by creating jobs opportunities. (Purchase of seedlings and planting will require laborer’s)
  • Preserve the seasonal rivers catchment areas and develop riverine woodlands.
  • Improve the availability of fruits and intake by the beneficiaries. (Nutrition and economical benefit of Fruits)

We aim to plant trees in:

  1. Water catchment areas around the Chyulu Hills , and along river banks
  2. Public primary, secondary schools and other tertiary education institutions
  3. Government offices and markets
  4. Government and national parks or reserves
  5. Villages and homes